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Morgana DigiFold Pro

An integrated creaser and folder

Performs both creasing and folding in a single pass.
Use as a stand alone creaser when folding is not required, and use as a perforator when creasing and folding are not required

Morgana Digifold Pro

Morgana DigiFold Pro

Morgana DigiFold Pro

Overcomes the problem of the ink and toner cracking

  • Applies a crease that embosses the paper, embedding the ink / toner into the fibres of the stock
  • The crease can then be folded to create a perfectly finished product
  • The crease eliminates cracking

Handling curly paper

  • Overcomes the problem of high toner fusion temperatures produced in digital printers that can cause stock to curl and prove difficult to feed in subsequent finishing procedure
  • The heat reduces the moisture from the sheet resulting in curling paper
  • The DigiFold Pro has a low pressure suction chamber built into the feed table to ensure stock is held flat and so it can then feed correctly and consistently

Handling static
The DigiFold Pro uses air to separate the sheets and feeds the sheets from the bottom of the stack to combat the issues encountered with static.

Simple to use

  • Fast automated set-up
  • Enter the required fold type and sheet length
  • Automatically sets the creasing and folding positions ready to run the job

Accurate sheet alignment for the perfect fold
The register table ensures that all sheets are correctly aligned before being creased and folded

Digital Print Finishing for Digital Printers

Comments from our clients

Digital Finishing for a Digital Printing Service

Further to the improvement in turn-around times and the ability to crease and fold thicker substrates without the print job cracking, the requirement to have all operators multi-skilled on most aspects of the print room was important in the decision to choose the Morgana DigiFold Pro and the CardXtra business card cutting machines.

“It’s magnificent, the operators like using the device as it saves time and is easy to use”

Drew Sandford, Print Services Manager
University of Technology, Sydney

Digital Finishing for Direct Mail

“The ability to crease and fold digital print up to 6,000 sheets per hour without cracking while also saving time was a major consideration. The Morgana DigiFold Pro has saved us an arm and a leg.”

Rod Jones, Owner
COJO, Chatswood


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